The Prettie Girls! Dolls

Positive Respectful Enthusiastic Talented Truthful Inspiring Excellent

Prettie Girls! Logo with GirlsThe Prettie Girls!™ are diverse in culture, interests, and style! These hip young girls attend the Dream Academy of Excellence, a school where dreams can come true – so long as you work hard! They come from countries across the globe and no matter what they look like or where they are from they believe that beauty comes from within. In the Prettie Girls’ world every girl is awesome and amazing!

The Prettie Girls! believe that we all live on this planet together, and that we can all be friends if everyone gives their best, respects others, and never takes life for granted! The Prettie Girls believe in getting excellent grades, helping their communities, making mindful decisions and most important of all— taking their futures seriously!

Four 11½” dolls make up the original One World Doll Project’s Prettie Girls! collection. Lena (African-American), Valencia (Latina), Kimani (African), and Dhara (South Asian). The Tween Scene Prettie Girls! are 16” preteen versions of the original Prettie Girls! with two additional dolls, Hana (Asian) and Alexie (Caucasian). Click on each girl in the menu above to get to know more about the Prettie Girls! and their amazing personalities.

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